Heading Off To College? 4 Health Screenings You Should Get First


If you're going to be heading off to college soon, you're probably thinking about all the plans you need to make. You might not be thinking about your health: specifically, the health screenings you need to have before you go. Unfortunately, that could put you behind on the preventative health care routine that you're going to need. Scheduling an appointment with your doctor before you leave for college will make sure you start off on the right foot. Here are four women's health screenings you need to have before you head off to college.

STI Test

Now that you're going to be heading to college, one of the first screenings you should have is for sexually transmitted infections and diseases. This is particularly important if you've ever had unprotected sex. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases can be present even if you're not experiencing any symptoms, which makes it easier for you to pass on to an unsuspecting partner. Before you go to college, make sure you're not carrying any unwanted infections or diseases. Get a clean bill of health from your doctor.

Pap Smear

If you haven't had your first pap smear and pelvic exam, now's the time to have those taken care of. Your pap smear and pelvic exam will help detect certain cancers. During the pap smear, the doctor will swab the opening of your cervix to test for abnormal cell growth. If abnormalities are discovered, the doctor will order further tests. Once you've had your first pap smear, you'll need to go back to the doctor once every three years to have the test repeated.

Breast Exam

You might think that breast exams are for older women, but that's not the case. The fact is that women and men should start doing self-examinations around the time that they turn 18 years old. Those self-examinations allow you to familiarize yourself with the way your breast tissue feels normally. That way, if you do feel abnormalities, you can get to the doctor sooner. In addition to the self-examinations, you should have your first breast exam performed by a doctor at around your 20th birthday.


If you're going to be heading off to college, you need to have your doctor go over your immunizations. You don't want to start college without the proper protection against diseases. Not only that but most colleges won't allow you to start classes until you're caught up on your immunizations.


14 September 2018

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